A Simple Guide For Types and Application of Solid Fuel

There are many different types of solid fuels that are used for different purposes. However, your choice of purchasing the same should be based on the type of appliance you’re using. Moreover, the mere concept of burning any solid fuel generates a lot of smoke. If you want a smoke-free environment, then you’ll have to search for a suitable variant in the market.

Thus, while purchasing solid fuel in Hull, you should always purchase from an approved coal merchant. Hassle-free delivery, authentic quality and a smokeless variant available – a certified merchant will solve your problems readily.

Types of Solid Fuels and Their Uses

1. House coal

This is the most common fuel used for open fires. You will get house coal in cubes, large chunks, cobbles, pebbles or any other size you want. The larger sized coal chunks are a bit expensive. However, using medium-sized pebbles are the most favourable option for the fireplaces. However, don’t expect them to be smoke-free. They are mostly used for grilling or open fire purposes. Be careful and don’t end up using the same for your room’s fireplace.

2. Wood

Having wood in the fireplace is a common sight. People with traditional aesthetics prefer using wood for their homes. This is also an open fire source because even burning wood is not a smoke-free option. When you go to the dealer to purchase wood for fuel, make sure that you check that the resin content is low in wood. Moreover, be careful not to use any wood coating or paint on the top while burning. Remember, paint is a chemical; hence, many clouds of smoke are emitted when you burn the same.

3. More Reliable Option

In case of natural disasters, your gas line or electricity connections can be interrupted. But in the case of solid fuel, if you have enough supply and stock the material in your home, you do not need to worry about any disaster. You can use them throughout the year, irrespective of the weather condition.

When you keep all these benefits in mind, you will surely find solid fuel a better option for your home’s heating requirements than other conventional alternatives.

4. Anthracites

This, unlike the above two, is a smokeless fuel option. Hence, customers prefer using them for closed appliances. It is high in carbon content, and the number of impurities is less than the normal coal. Unlike house coal which has high sulphur content, anthracite coal doesn’t produce any thick smoke. Hence, very conveniently, you can use the same for indoor purposes. If you’re planning to buy coal for your stoves, then there’s no better option than anthracite.

East Riding Coal Supply is a reliable and certified dealer of solid fuel. We provide smokeless and open fire fuels at pocket-friendly rates. You can also get advice from us regarding the type of fuel that is suitable for your appliance. Check your website for more product details.