Few More Types Of Solid Fuel You Can Choose From

Different materials are used as fuel for energy and heat production through combustion. A few of the common types of solid fuels are charcoal, wood, coal, peat, wheat and Hexamine fuel tablets. They also include pellets made from corn, wood, rye or other grains. You will be surprised to know that solid fuel is also used for solid-fuel rocket technology nowadays. Earlier, it was used to create fire.

Coal is one of the most common sources of fuel, which has boosted the Industrial Revolution as it was used to run steam engines. In some urban areas, you have to follow some restrictions when using solid fuels as it is considered to have unsafe levels of toxic emissions. The demand for smokeless coal has enhanced drastically in the last few years as it is the only solid fuel used. Sometimes, solid fuel is also used with gaseous and liquid fuels.

Need Solid Fuel In Hull? Few Common Types Have Been Stated Below

1. Peat
Peat fuel is made of partially decaying organic matter and vegetation. They are burned after they become sufficiently dry. They are more common in districts of Scotland and Ireland as other fuel alternatives are either costly or absent. After essential drying, it has a low calorific value.

2. Coke
Coke is also a very common solid fuel. Since it is made from coal, it has higher carbon content and fewer impurities. Low-sulfur and low-ash bituminous coal undergoes destructive distillation to produce solid carbonaceous material. Cokes derived from coal are hard, porous and grey. It is either formed naturally or is artificial. Pet coke or petroleum coke is made through cracking or oil refinery cooker units.

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3. Smokeless Fuel
When powdered anthracite coal is used to make solid fuels, it is known as smokeless fuel. It produces very little smoke when burned. Generally, they are used for domestic purposes like open fireplaces or stoves. People nowadays prefer using fuel instead of coal for open fires as it is more efficient and reduces particulate emissions. It takes more time for smokeless fuel to burn than coal fuel. Charcoal is also considered smokeless fuel as it is made by controlled combustion of dry wood.

Since there are so many types of solid fuel for you to choose from, it’s time you get in touch with the experts at East Riding Coal Supply.